world leading in bioabsorbable metals

Meotec GmbH is your partner in innovative technologies concerning absorbable and non-absorbable implant materials, surface technology, turnkey process automation, contract manufacturing of sophisticated products, and implant system development.


Performance Materials

Resorbable and non-resorbable implant materials / Surface modification

Engineered Systems

End-to-end process automation

Contract Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing of high-end products

Implant Solutions

Design and certification of implant systems

Research & Development

We aim to build a technological edge by combining practical and theoretical knowledge – and putting it into action. To achieve new goals, we pursue strict scientific approaches. Our broad spectrum of knowledge and experiences complement our highest motviation. The result is a technically and scientifically high-quality execution and a well-structured, ambitious research effort. We regularly share our findings in publications.


As Meotec GmbH, we spun off from RWTH Aachen University over ten years ago as a start-up, and today we are a young, dynamic, and continuously growing company with approximately 40 employees. Our goal is to swiftly and securely apply innovative technologies to the medical technology field, as well as other industries. Among our key technologies are absorbable implant materials made from magnesium and zinc alloys. To efficiently and flexibly implement our innovations, we utilize fully integrated value chains, covering everything from shaping and forming our alloys to manufacturing, surface modification, and packaging in cleanroom environments, all performed in-house. As a privately-owned company, we are characterized by short decision-making processes and a high level of entrepreneurial perspective.